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Thought it might be time to dust off this here old blog and take her around the block. Test the tires and whatnot.

It’s been a while since the last post (over a year!) and life has moved on, in ways not so good and in ways that reveal what’s best over time.

My father passed away last October and left everyone in my family, and many who knew him, reeling from the pain. He did live a good life, he was 83 years old, but he was an incredible man and together with my mom, they made a family that truly rocks. It’s through this pain and transition that how truly awesome my siblings, their spouses and all the grandkids has been revealed. We are moving on and learning to live without him in our daily lives but realizing he is still here in our hearts.

Much knitting and some spinning is happening, with emphasis on more spinning to happen. It’s truly something I find excitement, peace and creativity in.

And last, but not least, my husband and I left the company we helped to start over 17 years ago. We’re semi-retired, Bob is enjoying being an entrepreneur and we’re making our way in our brave new world.

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  1. Of course I knew some of this from FB, but I didn’t know that you and Bob had left the company. I long to retire but it’ll be YEARS before that will happen. I’m glad your family is pulling together and finding strength in each other. Hugs!

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