What are your plans for November?

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In an effort to be all “out there” and “transparent,” I’m going to lay out my fiber plans for November. There will be NO CHRISTMAS KNITTING. Well, maybe a few washcloths on the old knitting machine for my Mama. She deserves them. And my Daddy wants a lapghan – again, I will do that on the machine. He doesn’t like wool, so I’m knitting it from LionBrand Homespun. I will NOT knit that with my hands, only the machine. The ewww factor is too high for me if I handknit it. Not being a snob, just stating a fact for me.

So, I”m spinning this luscious stuff here. It’s the fiber from my guild’s Natural Treasures Challenge. I’m going to spin it, and knit it into a shawl – maybe an Evelyn Clark design or something from Cheryl Oberle’s book. It’s got a soft, tweedy texture and I think I’ll enjoy knitting with this yarn. Has to be done by Distaff Day in order to meet the challenge. I have two bobbins full waiting to be plied plus these two skeins already done. I think I’ll have enough for something wonderful and cozy.

I also plan on finishing up the blending of the fiber for HD’s Cobblestone Pullover. If I can (big IF) get it spun by the end of December, then it will be the first thing I cast on come January 2009.

What’s on your list for November?


  1. My plans for November:

    1. Finish up the socks I just started.

    2. Finish up the huck towel I just started.

    3. Finish up the book I just started.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…seems to be a pattern here.

    No Christmas knitting for me either, except, like you said, maybe a dishcloth or two.

    Acrylic … nooooooooooo, never again. I knit an acrylic scarf last month and a teeny piece of it sliver off into my finger like a splinter. Hurt like the dickens! Only natural fibers for me from now on!

  2. I don’t believe in xmas and only really do the bare minimum I need to in order to make the family happy. So, no xmas knitting. BUT, having been away for the better part of 3 years I’ve missed a lot of birthdays, so I’m thinking about knitting little somethings for just “immediate” family (ie mom + partner, dad + partner, 2 brothers + girlfriends and honorary cousin (actually my stepbrother’s cousin) and giving them those for MY birthday, which happens a week before xmas. Crazy? Maybe, considering there’s a design deadline between now and then. So I’m *thinking* about it but it might not happen. And if all fails, xmas with dad’s bunch (which covers all but mom, partner and one brother) won’t happen until orthodox xmas anyway so I can scrap the birthday thing and aim for that.

  3. I’m makin’ Anne Hanson’s Spiralouscious neck warmer out of gorgeous Malabrigo sock. I also must, must, must finish the sweater I started late last winter and the handwarmers for my niece that are already on the needles. Ok, make that November and December knitting! Btw, love Cheryl Ob’s book-so many projects, so little time…
    Your handspun is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! (As usual!!)

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