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Hi! So much has been going on at Chez Hockeymom, thought it was time to pop in and give an update! In other words, I’m a bad blogger and have not been good about posting at all. Me so sorry.

Last weekend, Jodi and Peter came for (an all-too-brief) visit. Sadly these two pictures are all I got of the event. Jodi said she left me something on my Flip (maybe?) but I can’t find it. Wanna help me out here girl? Notice the gingham napkin in Peter’s pocket? They fought over who got to use it. Sometimes I don’t understand the Canadian way (heh)! It’s our turn to visit next!

Hockeydad did an awesome job making yummy polenta with some wonderful things to put on it. So good and so very kind to my tummy!

It’s been quite a rollercoaster of a week. Job stuff I can’t really share. Sunday evening my mom called to tell me dad was in the hospital because they couldn’t get his heart to go into sinus rhythm. He spent two days there til they finally found a medicine that worked. If nothing had worked, they would have shocked him and we didn’t want that. He came home on Wednesday. He’s tired, still adjusting to the meds but happy to be out of the hospital.

We then received the news that my oldest brother (who lives in KY) has a rare form of cancer – in his endocrine system. He has some things to go through next week with his surgery scheduled for next Friday. It’s hard to talk about (very) personal things here, but this has contributed to my lack of blogging.

I have been knitting, finished my niece’s shower gift (which I reveal next week after the shower) but it is on Ravelry so you can look at it there. FInished a baby blanket for a friend (baby’s are everywhere!) last night and working on a wrap for a very patient friend – her birthday was last November. Also, knitting little socks and big socks too. Kind of ADD with the knitting right now.

There has also been some spinning. Finished up the silk merino I’ve blogged about before and it’s going to be one of the door prizes for the Saturday Night Dinner at Scalini’s during Stitches South. It’s approximately 440 yards of a light worsted. While the color is not what I would wear (pinks), I got great joy out of spinning it and I hope that joys goes with it to the winner.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend – Happy Easter and Passover!

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