Tour de Fleece Day 4

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Here’s a picture of 5&6 of 40. This could get boring real quick, couldn’t it? But trust me, coming home at 10:00 pm and making myself sit down at the wheel to spin 2 ounces took some willpower! Yup. It did. Totally. And, I also cleaned up more of the kitchen. Because I don’t want to be a total slacker when it comes to home maintenance.

Had to work today and I even managed to spin some of my Polwarth on my trindle. Wanna see? Sure you do! I’m about halfway into the 4 ounce braid, so when it’s all done, I will chain ply and hopefully have enough for a pair of socks. Yes, socks.

The trindle and the polwarth came from Gale at GalesArt. She has a wonderful way with colors and her fiber spins like buttah.

Tomorrow, there will be more of the same. But, a dear friend, Morgan, is celebrating her arrival on this earth 17 years ago folks (!), so we will be having some dinner. Not sure how much spinning will happen tomorrow, but some will. Oh yes, it will.

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