Tour de Fleece – Day 2

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Okay, so yesterday was day one. I did do some spinning, but not much. We had family and friends over for a “get together” plus little baby K came to visit too. That child is the bomb diggity – just gotta say it.  Here she is with my mom:


Today, our friends hung out with us and I was able to get some more spinning in. I’m not spinning my challenge yet, which is to spin up 4# of Shetland/Alpaca/Corriedale blend for a sweater for HD, but I did spin 2.4 ounces/230 yards of a superwash merino batt from Miss Babs. Keeping it as a single. Probably make a nice scarf or hat and fingerless mitts from it. Some seriously sweet stuff. Here’s my set up with the Miss Babs still on it. Notice the important stuff is all there – wheel, wool, cup holder and pina colada. Why go anywhere else when it’s all Right. There.


I should be able to start the final blending tomorrow and maybe even get some spinning in.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July, an excellent Canada Day and a great weekend!

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