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Hi! Been a while! Seems the blog is the one to suffer for lack of time, patience or energy lately.  I can only try to do better – seems some days are better spent attending to family and friends.

Tomorrow, Spawn #1 is going to have surgery – a surgery to correct an underbite he inherited from me. It’s been a long journey for him and us all – 11 years in the making. After this, his braces will remain on for maybe 9-12 more months and then he’s done. Thinking about who he was when this started and who he is now, it’s good that there’s that time built in. It’s time he needed to finish growing, maturing and now, he’s ready.

So, by this time tomorrow, he’ll be out of surgery and sleeping. We will have him home Sunday and the recuperation begins. 6 weeks of liquid and soft diets which will include lots of ice cream. Ice cream is a necessary item when you’re under the weather. It makes it all better. Or at least more tolerable.

I’ll have a sock with me, and probably a slightly more difficult project if my mind becomes too crazy and needs settling down. Neither spawn have ever been in the hospital before. New territory for us all.

If you have it in you, please think good thoughts and I’ll see you on the other side.



  1. best wishes winging their way to you both. I know the worry of a child being in hospital.

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