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Hello. I’m back. Will try to remember to blog. Rilly.

Last Sunday, I took a finished sock over to my Mom and Dad’s place for her to try on before I cast on the 2nd. I wanted to make sure the first one fit so I wouldn’t have to frog back two socks, y’know?Here’s sock #1. Fits her perfectly.


My mom threw it down – she challenged me to get the 2nd one done by Thanksgiving. It is Thursday, and I’m a little over halfway up the foot. One week to go. Here I am on sock #2:


I can do this! Right? RIGHT? Heh. Advil and ice packs are ready – damn the torpedoes I’m going for broke!


  1. Dear gods honey, you are so easily manipulated. Your mom, the master of “oh, whatcha knitting, ooh! nice! I need those. . . they’re for me, right?”. Don’t you think she’s just trying to get you to whip them out as fast as possible THINKING IT’S SOME KIND OF CHALLENGE so that you’ll more quickly move on to the next pair of not-for-her socks she can then appropriate? SUCKER.

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