This crazy world just keeps on spinning

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Seriously. Spinning like nothing I’ve dealt with before. I have had vertigo since Saturday. Ragweed has bloomed early this year and has wreaked its havoc upon my inner ear. Kind of funny to watch me walk. I’ve fallen off the sofa, stabbed myself with a double pointed needle and keep breaking nails catching myself. Getting out of bed is an adventure.

I did go spinning on Sunday (of the yarn variety) and it was so good to hang with my tribe. Still working on yarn for hd’s sweater plus now I’ve joined the “Lazy Spinner’s Swap” on Ravelry. The ESC knows what it takes to get me to participate in anything. She’s a hoar. So, I spin up 4 ounces of something, send it to my swap partner, (hi Julz!) and she will knit it up for me! She’s going to send me 4 ounces of something she spun and I will knit something up for her! I like it!

Last Friday, I had lunch with my mom, sister, niece and great-niece. My sister also made me a wonderful, delicious, to-die-for gf chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. She rocks my world. When my niece was but a tot she couldn’t say my name so she called me NaNa (nah-nah). I will leave you with a picture of the shirt I got as a present from my sister and niece.


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  1. That’s me: big meanie making you do things. 😉 Hey, we all need fun distractions from our worries, and I thought the swap would be 1. different, 2. fun, and 3. CHEAP!

    Hmmm…hey those three things describe ME, too!!!! 😉

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