The Tour de Fleece is here!

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As  TheESC aptly put last night on her post, blah blah life blah.

I am going to add that I have spent a wonderful week with my husband, not doing much but chilling and being together. During our time together, it’s been peaceful and quiet and I’ve learned at least one thing. Sometimes you have to make the time for the ones you love and just be in the moment.

Today is the start of Le Tour de Fleece and I will hopefully find the energy to start spinning my 2.53# roving from Giselle, a fleece purchased at Rhinebeck last year and processed by the lovely Fleurys at Fleury Sheep and Wool.

Monday we celebrate the 2nd birthday of our grand  niece Kaylyn, the Fourth of July and the friendship we enjoy with the people in our lives.

Happy weekend all, be safe and I will try to post at least semi-daily progress shots of my spinning during the Tour.

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