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This is one the reasons I’ve been kind of absent (kind of?):

Icarus. On the last chart, with 5 rows to go. Five very easy rows – now I just have to make sure I pay enough attention so I don’t muck it up! Then, the border (5 rows I believe) and I’m done except for the blocking! I’m excited to give this to a good friend for her wedding day but I’m also ready to knit some other things. I’m not a very good monogamous knitter. I like to have 2-3 things going at once!

Other reasons? Life mainly and the dreaded ragweed. It’s given me a bear of a sinus infection. Makes for low energy. So, if I don’t invite you over to my house anytime soon, you’ll understand, right? RIGHT?

I will attempt to post about the lovely award I received from Doug a little bit later, hopefully tomorrow. Today is nothing but meetings and filing and more meetings! Heh.

Life. Work. Shawl. These are the reasons.


  1. Love your shawl!! I have Icarus in my que and would love to get to it. (ok, quit laughing) On a completely different subject, if you had to pick one thrashers game to get tickets to this season, what game would you pick? I think I remember that you and your husband are fans?

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