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Last week, I did something horrible. I was careless, and rushing. I felted my Seraphim Shawl. It’s difficult to talk about right now but I do think I can salvage it. Between a pulled shoulder muscle and just plain being chicken, I haven’t worked on it yet. But I will and I promise to take pictures of the process so that you may learn or at least feel a tiny bit of sympathy.

I took a pic of the shawl I’m working on with my iPhone, but it hasn’t come to my computer yet. Technology befuddles me some days. I’m head-down right now trying to work on it every chance I get as it has a very real, very inflexible deadline – a wedding – for the bride. Send mojitos and sympathy.

ETA: HockeyDad fixed me up! Here’s a current fuzzy picture of Icarus:


  1. Wow, go you! The Icarus looks like it’s really coming along. I’ll be sure to have a frosty beverage for you tonight. Also, I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  2. What say we hold off on the mojitos until after this is done? 🙂 I’m sending good vibes for speedy and perfect knitting!

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