Superbowl Weekend!

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This has been a roller coaster week here at Chez Hockey. Hockey Dad’s birthday, a funeral, Cirque du Soleil, a friend diagnosed with cancer, my dad’s birthday, and yesterday was Spawn #2’s birthday.  Whew! We celebrated #2’s birthday with chinese food, Seinfeld – both watching the show and playing the Seinfeld “Scene It” game (lost). Finished off by playing a 2 hour poker game with all my boys and #2’s friend Henry. Of course, I lost that too.

There’s been some more spinning and I’m on sleeve island on the Neck Down Cardigan! Woo hoo! I have iPhone photos of the spinning, but have yet to take a current in-progress pic of the cardi. I’ll do that this week.  I’m still spinning the silk and merino scored 2 Christmases ago and working on the Ozark Carding mill pencil roving. Here’s some pics (cuz I know you likes the pics):

I’m spinning some of the Ozark Mills into singles to knit with. When I finished the skein (blue-green skein), I washed it and fulled it a little. Helps to give the yarn a little more structure and it hung fairly even without any weights. I hope to get about 800 yards out of the 4 ounces I spinning for this. The other 8 ounces will go into a plied project. Yet to be determined.

The merino/silk is going to work out to about 480 yards all done and plied. Still considering overdyeing the yarn with a weak blue to tweak the colors towards purple. We’ll see. Spinning from the fold, semi-worsted. Getting a soft yarn with this. Fun to experiment.

Today is the Superbowl!  WOOt!  Go Steelers! ESC and her hubby are coming along with a few more good friends. This is going to be a good day.

“So let it be written. So let it be done.”


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