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Okay, I owe a post about SAFF. I don’t have pictures of my haul yet (and it is large), but I do have a few pics of the weekend. I am a doofus – remembered the extra batteries but forgot the camera! DOH!

These fine gentlemen are: Doug, Lou, Steve and Stuart. They did a turn around the arena so they could be photographed by the “baabaa-razzi!” The best shot though is Steve’s little “bonus.”

The next morning, several of us went to the iHop for breakfast. Here’s my roomie, Claudia. Just missed her putting food in her mouth. Damn! She’s even cute when she’s trying to not show her food! Gotta love it!

Here’s the rest of the breakfast club:

Stuart and Jane

Steve and Grace.

Grace, Doug and Jim, Jane’s handsome hubby. I got me some mighty fine looking friends!

I’ve laid out my purchases at home and will get some pics of them tonight and post them tomorrow.



  1. Those weekends zoom by way too fast. We had so much fun. I loved rooming with you – even tho’ you let me sleep in the bed with the extras. 😉 Thanks for taking a decent picture of me stuffing my face. 😉

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