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I thought once the Tour de Fleece was underway I would post every day. Not so much. I have been felled (or kneed) by a little head cold. I am doing some spinning and it is quite satisfying, just not as much as I wanted. Using my mad math skills I have come to the realization I won’t have quite enough fiber to finish up HD’s yarn using only the blend, so I have pulled out the pin-drafted roving from SAFF – the Montadale. It’s so nice! I spun up a bit, plied it with the blend and last night I was able to swatch. I think this will work! Remember, I’m knitting Cobblestone from BrooklynTweed for HD. Oh yeah.


I have been also working on a Sunflower Doll from The Twist Collective for my baby Kaylyn (Best Great-Niece Ever) and I’m working on the little petals for the hat. I do have the body completed and once the petals are knit, it’s the dress, embroider a face on her and she’s done! Here she is in put-together form:


HD saw this and immediately started on and on about how it would make a perfect Steeler doll and then I started in about how I could make it have black pants and knit separate jerseys for hockey, football and baseball season! Oh yeah, this is going to be dangerous! And fun! Who knew? I’m no a girly girl, but this whole doll-making thing is quite cool!

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