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Today, there is spinning, knitting, housework and laundry to do. But I wanted to take a moment to tell y’all about HockeyDad. He’s got some mad skillz and loves to create all kinds of things and I wanted to share his latest creations.

We’re both fans of The Crystal Method and HD wanted to create a new fansite for them. It’s taken off and has lots of followers. It’s an elegant site, and is packed with lots of info and cool things. When they were in Atlanta, he was able to interview Ken and Scott and the interview is on the site to watch. Another thing he did recently was create a fan video for one of their songs off their new album “Divided by Night.” The video is for “Slipstream” and it’s really cool. If you have a few minutes take a gander and enjoy!

I’m very proud of HD and his talents. I hope y’all will take a minute and check out his site! Tomorrow I will post of things spinning and knitting.

Happy Saturday!

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