Resistance is futile?

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Those who know me, know I have little willpower against my mother’s knitting tractor beam. The tractor beam is her looking at something I’m knitting and saying “who’s that for?” *Sigh* It also includes the famous “it looks much better on me than it does you” statement. (She was right – it looked much better on her.)

The day of dad’s surgery, I was wearing HD’s black/grey self-striping socks I knit him oh so long ago (2005). She leans over and says “I need grey and black stripe socks.” I leaned back at her and said “your evil power only works on MY knits, woman. The knits for HD are off limits. I will make you pair.”  So, now I have to knit a pair for her. I don’t even remember what yarn it was. This was before I realized the importance of keeping records (or actually before Ravelry).

Part of her power is she actually appreciates what I knit and the time. I’m actually darning one of a pair of house slippers I made three years ago. She loves them so much.

So, the hunt is on for yarn. Here’s the socks FYI:


  1. does it have to be the same yarn? surely trekking or regia comes in a black and grey stripey colorway.

    you’re such a sucker, you know! My mom lives too far away to guilt me into every handknit I own 😉

  2. I have two skein of black & white (with some gray) Regia 4-ply with your name on them (if you like.) Gotta help out the mom.

  3. They remind me of some I knit for DH in a now discontinued Elann yarn 🙁
    I hope you find the yarn, or one like it…

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