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I will never make this a political blog. It is a blog written by me though, so when I have some thoughts I want to convey, I will do so.

I am a Libertarian, therefore I had no “horse in this race.” However, I do believe the office of the Presidency is something to be respected – whether or not you respect the President himself. The outgoing President had many tough decisions to make in his 8 years – decisions I don’t think I would have the strength to make. But that’s the vow you make on Inaugration Day.

I went with my co-workers and some of their families to watch the Inauguration Ceremony today during lunch. I was, and always will be, moved by the ceremony and the promise that comes with a new day. Obama comported himself with dignity and moved me with his words. I hope these things will come to pass. Most of all I’m proud to be an American – I accept my country for all it’s faults and blemishes and I revel in all the beauty and opportunity that is here. All it takes is determination and the will to succeed. This time around has special significance for me and my family – we will welcome a new grandniece/grandnephew into our lives and this baby is bi-racial. This world will be better for her/him.

My niece has made the decision to have this child and she will be a single parent. But, she has a strong family behind her and we’re all very excited to have this baby coming into our lives! Baby knitting! Woo hoo!

Here’s my lunchtime:


  1. “I do believe the office of the Presidency is something to be respected – whether or not you respect the President himself.”

    I think, sadly, that’s a key point that many people have ignored or forgotten in the last 8 years.

    It was a beautiful speech, though – and I am very hopeful for what the next years will bring.

  2. Well said, Sandy. The general disrespect for the office that has become so pervasive over the last thirty years is frustrating to me. Could any of us survive the ordeal let alone do any better?

  3. I believe that no matter what the circumstances when a parent decides to bring a child into the world the fact should be celebrated (This is not a prolife/prochoice stance I am making here.) So, congrats to your new family member and new MOM! Let us know if we can knit anything fun for the baby. Your niece may not know it yet, but only REALLY loved babies get handknits.

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