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Last week, hockeydad and I went off-world, or out of the country, to Jamaica for a week of relaxation and sun. Got plenty of both and it was a long overdue time away together. Nothing beats going away with the one you love who’s also your best friend. No pictures, we were on vacation.

Before we left, I did spin up 4 ounces of “Nova” and am now on ounces 5-6. I took some time and used my scale to measure out two ounce bundles to spin up. I have my Ashford Joy for spinning but she only holds 2 ounces per bobbin. I have my Traveller for plying as I have a jumbo bobbin and have been able to pack 6 ounces on it.

Here’s the picture of the box of puffballs and 4 ounces of singles on two bobbins:

I have also finished the first sock of my Beach Glass socks!

And, with that, Good night!  I said, Good Night Sir!

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