Monday Comes

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Good morning all! It’s Monday and like so many of us, I view it as a mini “clean slate” to get things accomplished.

I am knitting quite a few things:
-Miter Square Blanket for Isiah arriving in June

Isiah’s Blanket

-A Baby Surprise Jacket for Cash who is also arriving in June
-Saki Slippers for Mom
-A new pair of socks for Mom (she is a Goddess who is appeased by footwear)
-The Dude Sweater for my ever patient and loving husband
-A sweater for me (probably going to rip out) – it’s handspun and I need to go up a needle size to get the fabric I want
-The Ene shawl for me (from gift yarn)
I know there are more out there, just scan my projects page on Ravelry and you can see how I hop about in knitting.

I also am spinning several things also, fibers that are to die for. There will be pics. Just a tad behind the eight ball here.

What are you knitting?

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