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Okay, so what have we learned in all our years of knitting my fearless readers? Always, ALWAYS buy one more ball of yarn than you think you need. And keep the receipt to return the extra if you don’t need it. RIGHT? This little baby sweater One-Piece Baby Kimono from the MDK book has been fun and quick. But, I’m running out of yarn. I decided to make it a little bit bigger so the baby can wear it for a bit longer and now I’m dangerously close to running out. I won’t make it down the second front! And my LYS doesn’t have the color any more!

So, now I’m on the hunt for just one more ball (hell I could use a partial if I could find it). I don’t even care if the lot doesn’t match. That’s how desperate I am. Here’s the sweater in all it’s partial cuteness:

Sorry for the glaring redness, my iPhone doesn’t like reds much.


  1. Sandy Sandy Sandy.

    THIS is where you pull a cat move.
    You get another contrasty color. You do the other front in that color, and you add some to the cuffs of both sleeves, and then you say … “I meant that”

    Heck, get whacky, make a thing to applique onto the red side too. (The kid’s initial??)

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