It’s my birthday, my b-b-b-b-birthday

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Whew! Day 3 of my birthday vacation week and I’m already worn out! Bob, Bruce, our son Jordan and I took a short trip up to Charlotte to see The Crystal Method at Amos’ Southend and had a blast. They treated us to dinner at Mac’s Speed Shop and it was awesome. Check out some of the pics from last night on the Fan Site. Bob, Bruce and Jordan did a great job getting some photos and video of the show. I danced. My dad said it was cool how I would wake up this morning in the same town I was born in 49 years ago. Just seemed right.

Here’s a couple of pics of car knitting (this is a knitting blog, right?). Here’s the Sunflower doll dressed. I didn’t want to show a nakey baby doll:


And my Forest Canopy using my handspun singles. I’m liking how it looks like denim. I have so much of the pencil roving left I bought at SAFF I can probably make a scarf and hat or fingerless mitts out of what’s left.


Tonight, HD is grilling some steaks for my birthday dinner and we’re going to hang out at home with my boys. This is the best way to start a birthday week!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you are having a great time, and you deserve it. The baby doll is so cute, and your shawl is just fabulous.

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