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Sheesh. Been a few days since I’ve put fingers to keyboard, eh? When things get all angsty, it seems the blog is the first to go, followed by my knitting and housework. I don’t mind about the housework, but I’ve just not felt much like getting any knitting accomplished which makes me even more sad, and then nothing gets done. I did get Tomato finished – here’s the crappy shot taken in the bathroom at work:


I’m happy with it, it looks good on me. A success! I’ll continue to work bits and pieces of my Forest Canopy and the little Sunflower/Ladybug dolls out of The Twist Collective for Kaylyn but just not driven to finish them any time soon.  Ennui – it’s just not for breakfast.

I am spinning, a little bit. On bobbin #4 of the lovely roving from Knit Witch, so it’s not all bad. In order to “rev up the excitement” I’ve joined the 2009 Tour de Fleece challenge. My goal  is to get all the yarn spun up for HockeyDad’s Cobblestone. Then, come mid-August, I’ll see if I can cast that bad boy on to the needles! In order to do that however, I must finish blending the alpaca, shetland and corriedale waiting patiently for me! Think I can do it? I mean, really. It’s what – two weeks away from starting? Hmmm?  Am I crazy? Maybe.’Specially since I’ve tweaked the wrist I broke last summer.

Plus, we’re now on baby watch ’09. Little Kaylyn is to make her debut by the end of the month (lord, please – her mama is getting uncomfortable), and I’m going to be there to witness, help, cheer on and take videos of her entrance into the world. I’m so excited and I know my sister is. This will give her something to focus on and look forward to! She loves the babies and since this is her first grandchild it’s all the better!


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