He’s been a good boy!

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My dad’s surgery went very well, taking about one hour this time. ONE HOUR! His other hip replacement done about 5 years ago took 4.5! Things have progressed. He’s doing well, they had him up and walking first thing this morning and plan on sending him home tomorrow after lunch. A physical therapist will come to their house three times a week for a month and he’ll be home free!

This last year for him has been filled with so much pain and he’s aged more than I could have ever believed. When he came out of recovery yesterday and into his room, he already looked 5 years younger! This year, he turns 80 and he’s never looked his age. I’m daddy’s little girl and this has been hard on me, as well as everyone else in the family. He told my mom she’s worked up quite an account of “brownie points” and she’s looking forward to when she can redeem them! They celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on Dec 18 and they’re looking forward to many more years together.

I’ve been knitting on my niece’s 2nd mitt and also working on my Natural Treasure challenge. I’m knitting the Simple Garter Stitch shawl (Ravelry link), sans fringe. I’m just not a fringe girl. Tomorrow I take Bella and Jenny to the vet – it’s time for Bella’s yearly shots and Jenny will meet her new vet. we will be scheduling surgery for her to get her “girly bits” taken out. Don’t need any accidents around here, nope!  When I get home, I’ll take some photos of the yarn I’m spinning, the yarn I’ve spun and the progress on my knitting.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts for Daddy – they made a difference and my mom was touched when I told her of the support for him.

2009 will be a good year!


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