Floating Away

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I’ve been ignoring a pinch in my back hip for about 3 months now. Just cause. Well, it seems I’ve been tweaking a muscle off and on and it finally said “enough!” I finally went to the docs, got my muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory drugs and now I’m home, waiting for it to kick in. And, oh, yeah, I have gout in my left foot. WTF?

There will be no spinning for a while. I have to avoid the twisting of the back for a few days. But I have my #6 dpns now and can finish Tomato! I’m literally 4 rows away on each sleeve and then I weave and block. But no shucking and jiving for a while. Nope.


  1. Aw, honey, that sucks. Better lay off the liver and onions for a while, eh? (You can slap me for that when you come up and visit).

  2. Awww – sweetie that sucks. Hope you’ll feel better soon. I was hoping to see you at the next PHG meeting on 6/27. I have your shawl back from JCCFS. It was used a lot for explaining and people knitted the pattern. Hope to see you soon!

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