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Tonight, I think we’re going to hit the ole theatre and see “Star Trek.” Finally. I’ve been so excited about this movie, I could barely stand it. We tried to see it last Friday, but it was sold out so we saw “Angels and Demons” instead. Good flick. Stayed pretty close to the book and we enjoyed it.

I’m spinning some roving from The KnitWitch right now as well as some more cashmere. I have two more skeins ready to go to work on my Forest Canopy Shawl and I’m chugging along on my friend’s birthday stole. Pic here for evidence:

It’s simple, but looks very elegant and she loves it. 50/50 cotton/ackrylic and it has a few more inches on it now. She claims to not like wool. I should take back those socks I made her. Heh. I had to let her see the stole to prove I was working on it. It’s only 7 months late! But it’s how I roll.

Tomorrow, I may sit on the back porch and knit, have a swim, and then gather all my IRS stuff together. Need to get our taxes filed. We’re slow about stuff like that but with kids in college, need to get better. Gotta beg for money to send them and the gubmint is funny about getting their paperwork first.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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