Best Intentions

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Last night, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant because; a: they are good; and b: they keep my safe soy sauce behind the counter for me. I only eat four things – Mardi Gras roll, vegetable roll, spicy tuna and edamame. All totally gluten free. My favorite sushi chef made a new dish called Japanese Pancake. He told me it was made with rice flour. I believed that it was just that – rice flour. Apparently, I was so so wrong. Spent the rest of the night curled up in the fetal position and am only at work because I need to be here. I can’t stand up straight and all I could manage for lunch was rice pudding. I know he meant well, but the glutenites don’t understand the evil that lurks.

Tonight we go home and somehow prepare a tasty something so we can hang out with #1 and continue his birthday celebrations. (He had school last night til 9:00 and then hung with friends playing trivia.) Maybe a nice ham and potato dish. No spice only nice mellow tastes. Yeah. And play a rousing game of Risk.

Sorry to whine, but I needed to get it out. No knitting was done at all last night either! Which is almost as egregious as the pain thing.


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