A Tale of Two Sweaters

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I actually have FO’s to show. Heh. In a minute. This past Saturday I went on over to the spinning guild meeting and had a grand time. I mean, I love me my guild. The knowledge contained in that big room is bigger than I could ever find in any library or website. Those spinny-types are my giants.

The lovely Leslie Bronson (no pics cuz I’m a studip hoar) taught a basic neck down sweater techniques class. I loved it. Had to leave early because of the Mafia Party we were having that night. But I did finish this little baby the next morning after all party-goers had departed. Total time? 30 minutes. Score!

Isn’t it cute? I mean, there’s gotta be a small something somewhere I can put this on. Knit from some vintage Spinnerin worsted wool given to me by a neighbor from an estate sale. Yarn just comes to ya, y’know? Plans are to probably overdye this yarn at some point, but this little project gave me the chance to knit with it and see how it behaves. Me likey.

Then, I blocked this other sweater I’ve been working on for five months. Neckdown Cardigan #241 by Diane Soucy. Love it. Soft Peruvian Highland Wool gifted to me by the always missed Restless Knitter. Could have made it longer, but have resolved that instead, I shall lose a bit of my ass and hips. It’ll be longer then!

Perfect for springtime doncha think?

I know you’re thinking, why bother with the little class if she’s done the neckdown thing? Well, Leslie had a nice handout and I just wanted to feel like I could do my own designing with my own handspun some day. If I ever get enough of anything. Or even maybe just use my handspun for the yoke, then add store-bought yarn. Yeah, that’s why. And, it was fun. Jane was there, Doug was there, Janice was there, and Melissa showed up right before I had to leave, but I did confirm she still exists!

Saturday night we had a Mafia party. 10 people total doing Italian wine tastings, wearing our pj’s and watching The Godfather trilogy. Except I fell asleep 10 minutes into the trilogy on a half blown up air mattress. Dudes, I’m too old to sleep on half blown up air mattresses and not feel it for a few days. ESC slept whilst her mate kept vigilant watch over us to make sure no mobsters came in and whacked any of us! Thanks Kev!

So much going on right now but tonight I go to Knitch (best LYS EVER) and hang with my tribe for a while.


  1. Like I said last night, love your cardigan! Fits you great and the color is fabulous on ya. Good to see you. Hope it won’t be so long between visits!

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