A Knitter Has Been Born

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On Thanksgiving we went to our dear friends Rob and Debbie’s house for dinner and to hang. The day was wonderful and relaxing. Debbie has been asking me if I could teach her to knit for a while and that was the day. We got her cast on and she did really well.  By the end of the weekend, she had this much done:


Today, I showed her how to bind off and now it is this:


In true knitter fashion, she has given it to her son, TJ. We have a natural knitter here folks! She has more yarn and another scarf will be in progress. She says it will be for her, but that remains to be seen! Yay Debbie!


  1. I gave away my first several knitted projects as well – I wonder how many of us do that? I kind of wished I had taken pictures, though, just so I could have a reminder of how far I’ve come. 🙂

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