Wip-pin' and Effin' the Oh

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As promised, here are some pics. This is a drive-by, big doings this weekend and we’re getting ready to be doing.

First, Skittles socks, Icarus and Tomato progress shots:

Icarus and the socks are my Ravelympics projects. I know I can finish the socks, and I’m hoping I can put a serious dent in the shawl. Just need to remember – ibuprofen, alcohol and ice.

(Sorry about the retina searing – reds don’t like my camera.)

And here’s a finished shot of the MDK Log Cabin for #2. I’ll take a pic of it in action at a later time. Just wanted to have it recorded here for blog-sterity:

I will think long and hard before I knit another blanket. Dudes, the gears will grind on that prospect.

Have a great weekend! Catch up with y’all later.

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