Whoa! It’s April!

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I tell myself I’ll blog more often (for all 4 of you still here) but time goes by and before you know it, boom! another month has gone by. Lots of stuff going on around here on the homefront, family members having medical issues, but diagnoses are good so we can breathe easy there. Spawn #2 has been accepted into Georgia State University so we can relax there. Work is picking up a little so I can stop rocking back and forth.

I have been knitting. Baby blankets, baby bell bottoms, baby shrug and even another summer top for myself.  I have pics of all but the summer top. I’ll get hockeydad to snap one after I block it.

Baby knitting is fun! I’ve cast on for the “Wandering the Moor” shawl using some Jojoland wool from my stash. All this knitting is coming out of stash instead of buying! I’m in stash reduction mode!

There’s not been much spinning lately. Seems when I’m home I’m chilling in front of the tv with knitting or sleeping. My right thumb is being “sensitive” right now to spindle spinning, so I’m trying to tweak my technique so I don’t develop “spinner’s thumb.” I plan on kicking back into gear with my wheels tho and will have some finished yarns to show soon.

What are y’all working on?


  1. Just a little reassurance… we’re still here.
    I’m about to gear up for some baby knitting myself. A dear dear friend’s daughter just brought said friend’s first Grandbaby into the world… three weeks early. Oops, must cast on NOW.
    And another friend has hit her second trimester… I should get started… 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hey bloglines says you have 7!! subscribers! Baby stuff is awful fun to knit, but now that I am putting it on my own kid, it’s really sad when they outgrown it in like a week. I am hoping that toddlers slow down a little otherwise I will never keep up. 😉

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