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Must come down. Proof:

I was looking to hang a curtain rod. Dudes, I’m upset and in a bit of pain. It’s not broken but I chipped a bone in my wrist.

Are the powers that be trying to piss me off? I go to SAFF on Saturday. While I can still purchase lovelies, there’ll be no immediate gratification in the knitting or spinning department.


  1. OK. Somehow missed that you chipped the bone. Also? This is my last comment on this post. I am totally not *completely* stalking you. Promise.

  2. Okay, you are in trouble, lady. What were you doing standing on an Eames chair, for crying out loud? You’re supposed to be keeping that dining set nice and intact for when you give it to me.

    So, how long do you have to wear that rig? You look like a goalie.

  3. Hey lady. I’m rubbernecking you as you asked. And *OUCH!!* At least you can put the smoosh to your face and imagine the lovelies you’ll create!

  4. I tried to think of some clever rubberneck thing to say but I really just feel bad for you and your poor non-knitting wrist! Boo! I hope you heal quickly. Very quickly.

  5. Damn! That looks painful. When I first had to wear braces, I’d pretend I was in the “Mr. Roboto” video. See if that helps.

  6. oh noes! i have one of those nifty braces on my foot….but i don’t know what i would have done if i couldn’t knit while it was healing! i hope you heal quickly quickly!

  7. Wow. The sock is lovely, the chair … was nice but is now toast. How long until the docstors say you’re supposed to be fine? I think it’s terrible that you can’t knit while your bones knit. Have a painkiller on me.

  8. Hey, if the bone is chipped, it’s broken! That’s what happened to my ankle. And it hurts–your wrist, that is.
    If it will make you feel any better about the part of your anatomy that you creamed, I found I couldn’t knit much while I was laid up with the ankle. The broken ribs added to that. At least you will be able to go to SAFF–not being able to walk or drive drove me crazy!
    Many sympathies from the West Coast Klutz!

  9. That is not fun. I hope you heal fast! How long are they predicting it will take to heal?

  10. Ouch, I think you needed Rubberwristed not rubbernecked.

    I’m sorry you’re going wounded to SAFF, but you never know what groovy talent you may pick up there as you are driven to desperation.

    Small puppy kisses.

  11. I am so sorry that you are hurt. I’ve actually done that same thing. My doctor was kind enough to share some “happy” meds with me. LOL. Your trip to SAFF will make everything better. Take care of yourself.

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