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Okay, I’m going to slowly start either knitting, giving away or selling what I have. This will be a gradual process, but I am going to post these things here.

Today, I have a Silkwaves Poncho/Shawl Kit I know I will never knit up. One of those impulse buys and I’m already overrun with yarn for shawls. “Handpainted silk and silk chenille are knit in an easy lace pattern. Beautiful! Pattern makes either the poncho or the shawl.”

Here’s pics of the colorway and front of bag:

Paid $75, want to sell for $45 plus shipping. If you’re interested, please send me an email. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Sandy…
    write up a pretty list, with prices and links to pictures (or not), and post them all up on Knit Swap
    ( Even if it weren’t my baby, I’d post my stuff there. It’s amazing how swiftly folks clear out stash…

    Meanwhile, I’m not looking… nee nee nee I can’t hear you! no! My stash runneth over!

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