Say Hello to My Little Friends

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I think I’ve fallen into the abyss. Send cotton warp.

These are rigid heddle looms I happened upon via craigslist for an estate sale. I only need cloth and apron beams (dowels) and I’m in business. Back one is a 15″ and front is an 18″.

The piece still on the back loom will be completed to the best of my ability. Thinking a small bag and I know of a little girl who would enjoy having one.

In my stash is some beautiful, very thin tan and burgundy chenille yarns. Oh yeah. I’m toast.


  1. Heh – I’ve thought about looking into weaving, but never ventured far enough to actually try it. I hear it’s just as addictive as knitting!

  2. Cool deal on the looms! 🙂 Enjoy. I’ve not yet given in to weaving. I don’t even have time to spin anymore. Hey, can you e-mail me? I don’t have your address. Just wanted to let you know that you are now the second person to tell me the real thoughts on that college down south. I thought the first person was just biased towards UGA, but I’m thinking that is not the case.

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