Saturdays are for Spinning

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And cleaning, laundry and coffee drinking! Been a whole week since I posted! Eep. Been a busy week.

Our anniversary was wonderful, felt nice to get away and see our beautiful mountains. Wednesday night we were in the quarter-finals for our dart league. We didn’t win but we did put up a good fight. I actually won 2 of my 3 matches. Next season will be even better! We also went to see “Zombieland” on Thursday with friends, tapas and drinks last night with friends and tonight is dinner and “Couples Retreat” with friends. Haven’t seen friends in so long, it feels good to get out and hang again.

On Friday my nephew is getting married! Woo hoo! His intended is a wonderful young lady and we’re so excited to have her as part of the family. She fits right in – my family tends to overwhelm people cuz we’re so many and so loud, but she’s held her own since day 1. I see good times a-coming.

Weekend after next is SAFF and I’m hopped up like a kid on a sugar rush! Will be so good to see friends I haven’t seen since last year (or even the year before that – I’m looking at you Elizabeth). We’re going to be at the Awesomest Cabin on the Lake of Beauty and I promise there will be pictures of the spinning, knitting, eating, festivaling and debauchery (heh)!

Here’s the spinning (Abby Franquemont batt “Jungle Love”). It is by far one of the best prepped batts I’ve ever spun and I hope to be able to score more in the future. Her fibers go fast and furious. I scored mine from The Spinning Loft and if you ever need something, Beth and her crew will take care of you right! Super customer service.


And, because she’s just the sweetest, awesomest baby around, here’s BabyK:


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