SAFF 08 – Better late than never

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Sheesh. Talk about procrastination. I have all the excuses, no light, no batteries, dog ate my homework. Well, I finally have some pics of my haul. Ready?

Brush for my Strauch Petite drum carder; Ozark Mills pencil roving; Sheep pics; Sock blockers from the talented Turtlegirl; the book “Shear Spirit” autographed by one of the pattern contributors; batts and yarn from Miss Babs; yarn from Rivers Edge Weaving Studio; cashmere from Little barn, and a tahkli from Kokovoko; a Kokovoko drop spindle and lincoln roving; part of my Montadale fleece that I’m splitting with Claudia; and goodies from Knitwitch.I also scored some alpaca as a giftie for a friend. Check her blog, maybe she’s got a pic?

Officially on fiber overload now. Look for destashing efforts to begin in earnest (whoever he may be). Now, I need to go have a lie down.

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