RIP Jenny

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Our little Pug, Jenny, contracted a form of encephalitis and it was clear it was not something she would be able to recover from. We miss her greatly, she was with us 2.5 years and our time together was all too short. She was a bright, curious, loving and playful soul.

Hug your animals closely tonight and give them extra ear scritches in Jenny’s honor. She would like that.




  1. This pours sadness into my heart. It was not to long ago that Chandler passed so I know how this ache feels. Blessings to sweet little Jenny. She was loved dearly and loved even more in her passing. xoxoxo

  2. I’m so sorry, we just had a scare this week with our pug, Gadget, I was in the emergency vet hospital at 4 am, but he is home and doing well. I’ll give him an extra long belly rub tonight in honor of Jenny.

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