Rainy Days and Saturdays

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I love it (sometimes) when it rains on Saturdays. Like the weather is giving you a free pass to be a tad lazy. Not much going on. Surfing the net, browsing Ravelry, doing a little laundry and this:

Spinning some cashmere on my Tahkli, with my Knitwitch spindle bowl. I bought two x one ounce bags and I’ve not even put a dent in the first bag. Some days I’m too lazy to sit at the wheel. This is very meditative for me. And this cashmere was a steal from Little Barn for $8.30 per bag. I might have enough for a scarf of some type. Fancy schmancy, eh?

We’re actually considering donning wet weather gear to do some weed pulling. Considering being the operative word here. I need to go find something halfway decent to wear out tonight. Tonight we have dinner plans with friends at Mezza Bistro.

Tomorrow, I anticipate more of the same, minus the dinner out. Which is fine with me.

Happy weekend all!


  1. Thanks. I’ve had the damned Carpenters stuck in my head for two days now. Nice spinning, you say you’re making me a scarf? Thanks! Almost evens things up. Two days. Carpenters. Aargh!

  2. Yay for the Knit Witch spindle bowl!! 🙂 That’s what I did on Saturday – donned some protective gear and worked out in the yard!

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