Party Like It’s 1999

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Whew! What a weekend! Friday evening we had our office Christmas party and it was so much fun. It’s wonderful to work with people you like hanging out with after hours. Makes the workday so much easier to bear!

Sunday was the annual Knitter’s party thrown by Miss Jane, Alma and Claudia. They sure know how to throw a shindig! I brought my date, hockeydad, and he had fun too!  In addition to yummy food, tasty beverages and wonderful company, we had a gift exchange. You bring a gift, it is tagged with a number, and put in a pile. Then when it’s time you draw a number and that’s the gift you get out of the pile. (Sorry for blurry pic – used my iPhone as #1 has my camera right now.)  I scored some yummy Snarky Designs “Cushy MCN.” It’s Merino, Cashmere and Nylon all blended into a wonderfully soft sock yarn. I love the colorway  – “Eating for Two.” I also got an awesome pyramid project bag – I wonder if wearing this thing on my head with help get my energy centered? And, she included awesome highlighter tape – knitter’s use it for highlighting rows on charts or lines in a pattern. I guess non-knitters use it for highlighting text or sumpin’.  Thanks Katey!


Claudia gave us each a wonderful Christmas ornament – I can’t seem to get a good pic with my phone. I’m going to take a pic of them on our upstairs tree when we get one tonight. It was a wonderful party and I wanna go to another one! I can’t believe I’ll have to wait another year before the next Knitter’s Party!


  1. Yeah, it was a great party – but mostly because the fabulous friends we have. 😉 And maybe you don’t have to wait that long. Brett and I were thinking about a New Year party, sometime soon in the New Year. My house needs cleaning and that is always a great excuse.

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