Must be the meds talking*

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The only thing I can knit right now (thank dog for continental knitting) is a scarf for #1. I’m knitting him The Elegant Drinking Scarf (Ravel it!) and I’m loving it. It’s a simple but very squooshy scarf. Here’s where the meds kick in – I’m knitting it out of Woolease Worsted weight (stash busting and gotta be machine washable). It just feels good for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the color (oxford grey) or the squoosh, or maybe it’s just the fact it’s the only thing my hand can tolerate right now (everything else is too heavy). It’s keeping me from poking my eyes out and that’s always good. It’s about 6 inches long now:

I did discover this morning that I can spin if I use the unsupported long draw. Not as fast as I usually can, but hey, it’s something!

*FYI – I’m only taking the pain pill at night so I can sleep. So, it must be the other things I said. Yeah.

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