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Folks, all I gotta say is this: I threw it out there that my Mom wanted a pair of black/grey striped socks like HockeyDad’s and guess what was thrown back at me?

Ms. Jane brought this to me. She had the exact same yarn as HD’s socks. I have the BEST FRIENDS. Jane, YOU ROCK! Thank you so much – my mom is going to be thrilled to have these.

I went to spinning guild today Рit was Distaff Day Рand was able to show off my finished garter stitch shawl. I will take a pic tomorrow in better light to post. After guild, a co-worker  had a housewarming party and on the way to his place, I started this:

Yup, another Noro Stripe Scarf. This one is for my sister-in-law.¬† She saw me working on the one for Ashley and asked for one. I can’t turn my homies down, so there it is.

Dinner afterwards at Shout with the Typolice. This was a great day – full of fun and wonderful friends. Now, I’m firmly planted on my sofa and a movie is in the player. Good night all!

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