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Sorry for the absence on this here blog. Life is getting the best of me and all that’s left sits in front of the tv or works til all hours of the morning. That’s how it’s been for about 3 weeks. It will get better, I know it. I have good reason to believe it so.

First thing is Jodi and Peter are here in the great state of Georgia for a friend’s graduation and they are coming to see us tomorrow! I think an evening of catching up, eating yummy food and drinking some adult beverages will be in order! So excited!!!!!!

Second, go over to HD’s blog and check the funny video – Snow White and her crew never looked or sounded so good!

I have been knitting some on baby things – cotton is getting the best of me so I’ve slowed down a tad just to let my hands and wrists calm down but I have been spinning some too. I should have a finished baby sweater soon to show off and I cast on a little pair of baby socks out of some leftover sock yarn. So tiny!

I hope you all have a good weekend, stay warm/cool/safe/dry and all that.

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