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Okay, so I said I would post more often. Obviously, I failed at that. But I have been knitting and doing a little bit of fiber teasing in order to card it up. There is just something magical about a box of fluff waiting to be carded.

I joined the World Series of Spinning over on Ravelry in order to knock out some stash this month. My goal is to start spinning up HD’s yarn for his sweater. Which will be what I knit on for next year.

And, I’ll be heading up to SAFF on the 25th with the lovely Bavgirl in tow. Need to get my yearly fix of wool fumes and spinners! Going to be so much fun! There’s even talk of drunken room crawl on Saturday night. Heh. Let me know if y’all will be there – hopefully we can run into each other. If anything just to yell at people across the arena!


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