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I had two classes at Stitches South – Norwegian Purling taught by Beth Brown-Reinsel, and Fair Isle with Fiona Ellis. Both these ladies are awesome instructors – the purling was a techniques class (which I will need to practice a LOT) and the fair isle was a good class in color theory and how to pick colors for fair isle. Me not so good with color.

Thursday evening I had to run downtown for #1’s Art Exhibition – HD took some footage on my Flip camera and I promise to post.  Very cool exhibit and I’m so proud of that boy. Afterwards, we ran back up to the Galleria and had dinner with Knitwitch and The Man, and the ever lovely Jenifluer! Too long since I’ve seen her.

Friday after my Fair Isle class, I met up with some Rubberneckers at Chipotle and had a great time!  I was once a mod, but a very poor one, so thankfully, was relieved of my duties. But they still invited me to dine with them! Awesomeness in it’s best form.

After lunch, I hit the market place and did a little bit of damage, but not too much. I will take pictures and post. I purchased mostly tools of my trade (spinning trade that is), but I did find one luscious cone of alpaca silk at webs for $16!!!!! 1,736 yards!!! Aeolian is the project for that cone of love.

HD and I had a lovely dinner of sushi and then came home and crashed on the sofa for a while.

We have had good news on my brother – they got all the cancer and he will not have to go through chemo therapy! So, hopefully, he’s going home today.  My brother-in-law is still in ICU, but they have finally isolated the strain of pneumonia he has and think they have him the right antibiotic. He has a long road ahead of him, there will be lots of therapy in his future – physical and respiratory. They don’t know yet the extent of the damage to his lungs he has suffered. Continued prayers will be appreciated!!

Tonight is dinner at Scalini’s organized by the Lovely Knitwitch. I cannot wait! I need more fun right now and all my wonderful friends have given it to me in spades! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The friends I have made since becoming a knitter and blogger have given me so much in love and support that it’s difficult to express. I thank you all so much. Without you all and my family, I would be a very sad person. Very sad indeed.


  1. So far, so good w/bro & BIL! Still thinking good thoughts for them.

    I scored a cone of that alpaca silk too. Wish I’d gotten 1 more skein of that Skaska cashmere/silk, though…

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