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Well, it’s amazing how quickly times goes. Seems this blog is going to bear the brunt of my lack of time management skills.

So much has been going on. Spawn #2 has graduated from high school, went to Stitches, our friend, Andrew “Myagi” Mavor came to stay with us and rocked our graduation party, and I’ve been occupying myself with kicking and stomping on things.

On Sunday evening, I saw a bug on the floor – a palmetto bug. Go ahead and look. We’ve had to have some repair work done on the house along with some painting, so we have all sorts of things coming inside to visit. It was on it’s back and not moving, but the minute I scooped it up in an empty dogfood bag, it started to skitter, so I shook the bag and dropped it on the floor and stomped on it. I stomped on a bag on a concrete floor. Let that sink in. It hurt so bad, I thought I had broken it. I gimped around on Monday, Memorial Day, while our lovely friends were there and then Tuesday hockeydad took me to the emergency room. Here’s how we wait in emergency rooms:

Turns out, I didn’t break it, but I did bruise the bone and we discovered I have a heel spur. I sound like a wimp, but let me tell ya, this hurts. A. Lot.

The sock is being knit from Zauberball Crazy Sock and let me tell ya, I love the colors and hd loves the sock, but it’s not very consistently plied. I’m on the cuff now and should be able to start the second one this weekend.

There is one thing I want to say. If you are in Atlanta or a suburb thereof and ever hurt yourself or need emergency care – go to Northside. They rocked it like nothing I’ve ever seen. 2 hours start to finish and that included x-rays. And a cool shoe and pain meds.

I have other things to share, but I think this is enough for now. Don’t you agree?


  1. Those damn bugs are frequent visitors during the summertime at our house. We have an old house and live in the city, and there’s no getting around them. We spray frequently, so the ones we find are usually dead or *mostly* dead, but they still gross me out. Especially when they fly at me!!!

    Oh, and I have a heel spur too, caused by plantar fasciitis – no fun! Hope your better by now!

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