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This past Saturday night, The Crystal Method came to town to play a live show. Now, they come to Atlanta at least once a year to play DJ sets, but it’s been 5 years since they played live.

HockeyDad has a fansite, TheCrystalmethod.org, and it made an impression on Ken and Scott, so they invited him to do an interview with them before the show. These guys are so awesome! Down-to-earth, funny and just plain nice. They gave a great interview, backstage passes and an incredible show! If you like their music keep an eye on HD’s site, he will be posting the video interview over the next few days. BP, our intrepid in-house photographer and HD’s business partner, had a press pass and was able to get some great shots of the show and the backstage fun.

Oh, yeah, and a certain Bavgirl was there with her friend, John! Woohoo! That girl can dance. I’m still feeling the after-affects of staying up past my bedtime. Oy. Here’s a pic of some our crew that night.



  1. OMG – you outed John! 😉 We had so much fun. Thanks for all the TLC. I enjoyed meeting Scott and Ken. Those guys put up a fabulous show. And so did the little Italian – Benny Benassi. One more reason to like Milan. 😉 I was sore from dancing for several days but it was totally worth it. I am getting old, dang!

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