Tour de Fleece

It’s that time of year again! This Saturday, the Tour de France begins and as it goes, so does the Tour de Fleece. I will be spinning a breed study of sorts – all four ounces or less of four different breeds: Tunis – cream – will be my spindle spinning. Portland – cream BlueFaced Leicester – mutli Merino/Tussah silk – red/yellow I also have two bobbins already spun of a wool blend and am in the process of blending some nylon into the remaining bump of this wool to make strong heel/toe yarn. I could push myself like I tried to last year, but this is enough to keep me busy and feeling productive. It’s one thing I’ve learned about myself – I do like feeling productive in my hobbies. I’ll post more and once I figure out what’s happening here, there will be pictures. Spin on!


Monday Comes

Good morning all! It’s Monday and like so many of us, I view it as a mini “clean slate” to get things accomplished. I am knitting quite a few things: -Miter Square Blanket for Isiah arriving in June Isiah’s Blanket -A Baby Surprise Jacket for Cash who is also arriving in June -Saki Slippers for Mom -A new pair of socks for Mom (she is a Goddess who is appeased by footwear) -The Dude Sweater for my ever patient and loving husband -A sweater for me (probably going to rip out) – it’s handspun and I need to go up a needle size to get the fabric I want -The Ene shawl for me (from gift yarn) I know there are more out there, just scan my projects page on Ravelry and you can see how I hop about in knitting. I also am spinning several things also, fibers that are to die for. There will be pics. Just a tad behind the eight ball here. What are you knitting?


Friday Eve

A quick post to try and help me get back in the rhythm of blogging again. I have missed it and want to be able to share what I’m going to be creating. My plans are big: start a vegetable garden (small), get back to quilting, set up my rigid heddle looms (15″ and 24″) and get a start on gift pile. I am spinning and knittng and as soon as I can figure out how to add pictures again, I will share what’s on the needles, wheel, loom, and sewing machine. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.The pollen count is high but the azaleas are blooming and can’t be ignored!


Why, hello there!

Thought it might be time to dust off this here old blog and take her around the block. Test the tires and whatnot. It’s been a while since the last post (over a year!) and life has moved on, in ways not so good and in ways that reveal what’s best over time. My father passed away last October and left everyone in my family, and many who knew him, reeling from the pain. He did live a good life, he was 83 years old, but he was an incredible man and together with my mom, they made a family that truly rocks. It’s through this pain and transition that how truly awesome my siblings, their spouses and all the grandkids has been revealed. We are moving on and learning to live without him in our daily lives but realizing he is still here in our hearts. Much knitting and some spinning is happening, with emphasis on more spinning to happen. It’s truly something I find excitement, peace and creativity in. And last, but not least, my husband and I left the company we helped to start over 17 years ago. We’re semi-retired, Bob is enjoying being an entrepreneur and we’re making our way in our brave new world.


Look! A blog post!

Every two months or so, I’ll remember “hey, I have a blog!” Usually when we discuss things of this nature with friends or clients. So, I’m beginning to feel the pressure to try this again and see how far I can take it. Since I may only have one or two readers left, it may be a short-lived experiment. We’ll see. June 30th marked the start of the Tour de France, which in the spinning world means the start of the Tour de Fleece. Spinners challenge themselves to do something during this time – in my case, I’m going to finish spinning/plying two fleeces I bought in 2010. The first one is Nova, the CVM/Romney cross. I’m down to 4 ounces to spin into singles. Nova is a demure grey. The second fleece is Giselle, which has been spun into singles and I did begin the plying process. Here’s a finished 4 ounce skein, @160 yards of squooshy worsted weight goodness. Giselle is a lovely brown color. Please excuse the light, trying to get pictures when I remember. And some days are better than others. So, rather than try to play catch-up, I’m going to start where I am in my life – still married (25 years this October!), newly hatched empty nesters and trying to take each day as […]


This Crazy World Just Keeps on Spinning

I have been working like a dog (heh) and haven’t had much time for spinning. I keep a drop spindle at my desk at work to spin on during breaks or when I need to clear my brain (yes, I know there are tumbleweeds in there but still). This week, I was able to finish up the 4 ounce bag o’Shetland roving purchased at SAFF last year from Fleury Sheep and Wool. From their very own sheep and processed in their very own mill. I have some cool friends! Anyhoo, this is the end product: 160 yards of squooshy worsted weight goodness. I’m hoping this will make a One Row Scarf designed by the Yarn Harlot. It will be for Bahhb. Poor man has plenty of socks, a sweater, hat and scarves, but nothing made from my handspun. We must feex it NAO. Well, after the hat for a friend is done and the baby gift is finished. Yup. So, now I go back to spinning my brown roving from Giselle, the wonder fleece I bought in Rhinebeck. Over halfway done with the singles and then I can proceed with the plying. Hoping to have enough to make a beautiful cardigan, Eadon (Ravelry Link). I think this yarn will be perfect for it. I also have plans to finish up […]


RIP Jenny

Our little Pug, Jenny, contracted a form of encephalitis and it was clear it was not something she would be able to recover from. We miss her greatly, she was with us 2.5 years and our time together was all too short. She was a bright, curious, loving and playful soul. Hug your animals closely tonight and give them extra ear scritches in Jenny’s honor. She would like that. Jenny 5/1/2008-8/17/2011


In Which I Knit

Let’s see if we can get a post in here for August!  We came back from a short trip to Pittsburgh where we were able to mix business and pleasure (family, a concert) and today is catch up day. I have been knitting – working on the Ene Shawl (Rav link) and a sock for Bob from yarn bought at Rhinebeck last October. Starting chart 3 on the shawl and the heel on the sock. I will post of more things wondrous and tear-inducing (on my part at least) next time!


Tour de Fleece Day 17

Well, more than halfway through and I’m just now halfway through my fiber. Ounces 19 and 20 are on the wheel right now as we speak. But tonight we sat together as a family for the first time in a while and enjoyed each other as dinner companions.  It’s a short post tonight, but I’ll leave you with a picture of another use for the cup holder on my wheel:


Tour de Fleece Day *mumble*

It is day something or other – 12? I can’t figure it out right now! Ugh! The spinning has slowed but I’m hoping to catch up over the weekend. I still have a few days left to this adventure and I will get the bulk of the spinning done by cracky! Heh. Bobbins 5 and 6 which means 9&10, and 11&12, of 40! Only 28 ounces to go til all the singles are spun up. Then the plying party begins! I have been promised some intense spinning time on Sunday (I think it is) and will hopefully have quite a bit done then. I seem to be able to put 2 ounces on the bobbin an hour. Which isn’t too shabby, I think.